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Meet Trans Women: 5 Places You Haven’t Looked

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It’s probably the most commonly asked question from transgender admirers. Where can I meet trans women?

You know by now what I’m going to say first: the best place to meet transexuals is online. There are whole dating sites featuring transgender women looking for sex and love, and meeting transgender women online through these sites removes an awful lot of guesswork and barriers to connection.

But maybe you’re meeting trans women online and also want to meet them offline. Fair enough.

Here are unexpected places to look for transgender women that you haven’t yet tried.

5 Offline Places to Meet Trans Women

1. Trans Parties

Many big cities have T-Girl parties or pub nights. This is a safe space for transgender women and the men who are attracted to them to mix and mingle.

Look up “transgender and admirer night” and related searches in your area.

2. Whole Foods

Everyone needs to get groceries. You might have to haunt the aisles frequently before spotting a transgender woman, but believe me, eventually you’ll see her.

Not sure what you’ll say, but you’ll figure something out.

3. Cosmetic Counters

You’ll find T-girls on both sides of the cosmetic counter. Since you probably aren’t all that familiar with makeup brands and companies, it’s worth knowing that places like Sephora, Lush, and MAC Cosmetics have been quite focused on representing diverse communities and giving job opportunities to transgender people.

Sephora is a massive mid to upscale cosmetics store, and you will find transgender women shopping and working there. So go and have a browse. Your favorite aunt’s birthday is coming up and she’s not expecting a high-end lipstick or illuminating face stick from you, but hey.

4. Church

Say what? I’m serious! It’s foolish to discount the major places where people come together. Folks gather to help other people, to play softball, and to learn new skills. Even if churches have a reputation for frowning on sex, I can assure you that everyone who walks through those doors has had or will have sex!

Today many faith communities from different religions are becoming “affirming.” When you see that word they mean transgender and gay and other marginalized folks are welcome.

Transexuals have historically been excluded from the fold, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have faith or didn’t have families and neighbors active there. As the doors open wide, TS folks are literally flocking to church. Being Catholic is a huge part of Latin American culture, and my trans Latina friends are super active in their communities.

5. Charity or Volunteer Groups

Same idea, different reasons. Charity organizations today are eager to provide their neighborhoods with a fair reflection of diversity and eager to include people who have historically been excluded. Because employment has huge barriers for transgender people, many charities are working with trans women in order to coach them with skill sets that they’ll be able to use to advance in the workplace.

Plus, many transgender people have struggled so much for acceptance, that they are moved to help people who are at risk or sick. By volunteering at your local animal shelter or hospital you might meet transgender women.

Let us know how it goes! Tell us where you go to meet trans women in your community!

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