Why Grammar and Spelling Matter on Dating Profiles

So how important is spelling and grammar on your dating profile? I’d say quite important. It definitely plays a part in how you are perceived by the trans women browsing profiles on a dating site. Your online profile is your dating business card. It shouldn’t read like an autobiography but a short and sweet synopsis of you… your attractive qualities, interests and goal, what you’re looking for, and a sprinkling of personality throughout. Don’t bother joining a dating site like TSmeet.com unless you are ready to put the effort into writing an awesome profile, otherwise you will be disappointed in the lack of responses you receive.

A profile that is rife with spelling mistakes, bad grammar, and problematic turns of phrase is not only difficult to get through,  but will also have its reader assuming things about the person behind it. And not good things, I’m afraid. Although this may seem unfair, it’s true. A few things that may jump to a woman’s mind when she reads a badly written profile.

  • You’re lazy and can’t be bothered to craft a good profile. She may assume you do a lot of things in your life half-assed.
  • You’re not serious about meeting someone. She may think online dating is just a lark for you, and you don’t care that much whether you meet someone or not.
  • You’re not very smart. She may wonder about your intelligence and think there won’t be much to connect to in conversation.

These may be unfair assumptions (as most are) but unfortunately this is what a woman is likely to think.

Don’t despair. We can’t all be gifted with excellent writing skills or impeccable spelling and grammar. And even those who are still need to proofread before posting a profile. All you need to do is ask a friend or family member to go through your profile to help catch mistakes. A friend can also help you take out unnecessary content, add things that reflect who you really are, and look over potential dates before you reply.

There are definitely more badly written profiles out there than there are good; so if you have one without spelling and grammar issues, you’ll be way ahead of the pack. And just so you know, some of us ladies find good grammar a real turn on!

A well-written profile is the cake. Good grammar and spelling is the icing on that cake.

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What are your thoughts on this? How important is grammar to you when it comes to online dating?

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