Is Attraction To Transexuals a Fetish or a Lifestyle?

Being attracted to transsexuals can be a fetish, a lifestyle, or for that matter both. While it’s undeniable that ladyboys hold a certain forbidden allure for most men, whether they admit it or not, there are plenty of men for whom their attraction to sexy trannies holds no conflict, no “forbidden fruit syndrome” and is simply their preference, affording them “the best of both worlds”.

The fetish of transsexuals for “straight” men likely has its roots, in curiosity about male sexuality. As an owner of male parts, they have certainly handled them and doubtlessly have a natural curiosity about interacting with their junk in ways that are simply physically impossible. While they are not necessarily gay or attracted to men, they are curious about what the experience of submitting to the male form, if only curious about what it’s like for their female partners. This can go further, particularly when one considers the inherent dominant/submissive roles of copulation that is hard-wired into all mammals. The Top is generally speaking, dominating the Bottom, and it’s something most men don’t get to experience in the receiving end unless they are bisexual or gay or if they get into pegging, though as anyone with experience can tell you, toys are a pale substitute for the real thing.

The wide-spread sexual objectification of trans-gendered ladies, especially among straight men looking to explore their wild side is difficult for the ladies, who in the end are real live flesh and blood people, often with extremely heightened emotional states, both congenital and brought on by their experiences. Most trans-ladies don’t have a desire to fulfill the stereotypical fantasies of straight men, where they want to be dominated and mounted by a she-male. Transsexual women generally want to be women, and most importantly want to be a woman in bed. Men looking to indulge their T-Girl fetishes are probably best served by locating a shemale for hire, this kind of scene is their bread and butter, and they’ll know exactly how to fulfill your fantasies.

If you’re someone who has moved beyond the initial “straight guy exploring their wild side” and find yourself wanting to have a real relationship with a transgendered woman, that’s a beautiful thing. Pre- or post-op transsexuals are a unique breed of lady, and given the difficulties that many go through both before and after their realization of their innate gender, they deserve to be treated with all the love and respect that you would expect someone to use when talking to your own mother or sister.

While there can be unique challenges associated with your relationship due to prejudices out there in the world, the good news is that the world is changing for the better and being cisgender or transsexual is better understood and accepted than it was in the past, but be prepared to educate those who are ignorant, it just goes with the territory. Speaking from experience, life with a trans partner has its challenges, but every relationship has them, the most important thing is the bond you and your partner share, and if you don’t lose sight of that fact, your future together will remain bright.

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