What to Ask Your Trans Date before the Date

If you have a trans attraction, you are likely using online dating to meet beautiful transgender women for short and long-term dating.

Most women, and trans women in particular, prefer some time to suss out potential dates before meeting in person. When you send a woman a first message after viewing her online dating profile, there are steps she will take before even responding.

First she will look at your pics, and then read your profile carefully to look for any red flags that help to safeguard her from meeting with a bad match. If she doesn’t see anything glaring and sees potential, she will respond. But don’t expect to meet right away.

She’ll also want some back-and-forth messaging to get an idea of your personality, your sense of humor, and if there’s natural chemistry. This is common behavior of most women, even trans women who are only interested in casual sex.

So when you’re having this getting-to-know-each-other dialogue online before you actually meet, is there anything you should ask? Here are a few starter questions that will not only help you feel out the chemistry, but also to plan that first date.

Questions to Ask Her before You Meet

1. What are your hobbies or passions?

She will have likely mentioned some of these in her online dating profile, so you can expand by asking her focused questions about those interests. Always make your questions open ended, not ones that are easily answered with a yes or no which can end the dialogue.

2. Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?

This can tell you quite a bit. Most people consider themselves one or the other or at least leaning towards one. If she’s an introvert, going to a crowded club or bar on a first date might not be a good idea. If she’s an extrovert she may enjoy a local fair or theme park.

3. What are your favorite foods?

Even if she’s not a foodie, it’s a question that can open up all kinds of discussion—favorite restaurants, cooking skills, childhood memories, worldwide cuisine and travel experiences. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many connections share a similar palette.

4. Do you like surprises?

This question will often result in a strong yes or no. If she likes surprises, she may be open to you planning a creative and fun first date. If not, you may want to suggest she chooses the plan for meeting up. A trans woman wants to feel safe on a first date, and giving her this option will provide that.

These aren’t deep questions that are too personal, because that isn’t appropriate until you at least are face to face or have been on a few dates. But they will give you some idea about her overall personality and interests.

What questions do like to ask before meeting?

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