TS Online Dating Mistakes

Most people today, especially the younger generation, are using online dating sites to meet potential partners, whether for hookups or long-term relationships.

I was a convert to online dating years ago, when I started working from home and stopped going to bars as often. I was nervous and needed the help of friends who had already dipped their toes in the online pools. And there’s been ups and downs of course, but I’ve met people I never would have otherwise.

For men who are interested in meeting trans women—online dating is the way to go. I mean, how often do you meet trans women in your day-to-day life? Here are some online dating mistakes to avoid when you are looking to date trans gals.

Trans Online Dating Mistakes

1. Expecting to meet trans women on mainstream dating sites. There may be a few here and there, but you’ll have much more luck if you use a niche dating site such as TSmeet.com. This site is brimming with beautiful trans women.

2. Rushing the process. I often receive messages from men who have just joined a site but have yet to fill out a profile, or even upload profile photos. Dating takes effort and those who put the work in will be rewarded.

3. Asking personal questions. Even if a t-girl is only looking for sex, she still wants to be treated like a lady. Write each woman a unique first message based on her profile (which you must read first!) if you expect a response. Wait until you meet in person to ask more personal questions.

4. Having expectations. This one’s hard for everyone. Who doesn’t want to fantasize about the beautiful person they’ve just met online and had flirtatious back-and-forth conversations with. Dial it back before you meet, that way everything good that happens is gravy.

5. Becoming frustrated. Online dating isn’t always a walk in the park. There’s disappointment, rejection, and heartbreak—along with excitement, lust, and love. Once you’ve gone on enough dates, you’ll learn to weather the roller coaster it can sometimes be.

What has been your experience with online dating?

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