Tips to Make a Good First Impression on Your TS Date

Looking to impress the beautiful trans woman who you met online recently? If she’s like most women, she probably wanted to chat a little before actually meeting you. All women want to feel safe and secure to some degree before a first date.

If you’ve made it this far, then follow these tips to make a good impression… and land a second date!

Plan a date according to her interests. Hopefully you’ve read her profile more than a few times to glean details about who she is. If she loves art, take her to a gallery. If she loves baseball, get tickets to a game.

Groom and dress up. Very basic dating etiquette is expected. Floss and brush, shower and shave. You don’t need to wear a suit, but leave your TV pants at home.

Show up on time. Tardiness is considered by many to be passive aggressive because it suggest you don’t think someone else’s time is as important when you show up late.

Be flexible. Maybe the spot you’ve picked out is overcrowded, or maybe she’s just not feeling the vibe of the date you’ve planned. Go with her flow, and everything will be okay.

Make her feel safe and comfortable. Not everywhere you would expect to be trans friendly is, so ask or check her body language to know how she feels about her environment.

Ask questions. The easiest way to show a woman you are interested is by asking her questions. Don’t get too personal on a first date, but asking about her work, family, pets, and interests are good places to start.

Listen attentively. When you do ask questions, it’s important to really listen. Use eye contact, and ask follow-up questions to things she seems passionate about.

Be yourself. Don’t try to be who you imagine she wants to be with. Just relax and be your authentic self. If your corny, that’s okay. If you’re feeling anxious, there’s no harm in saying so. Women love a genuine man.

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