Tips for Building Dating Confidence

It’s a jungle out there where even Casanovas fall prey to the dating doldrums. Maintaining a high level of dating confidence isn’t easy – what with awkward dates, in-your-face rejections, and worse, heartbreak. And dating trans women can be even more challenging: where to meet ts girls, what to say to a trans woman, or trans misconceptions from outsiders). Sorry to start off on such a depressing note, but it’s just to remind you: you’re not alone and you may have to fake it before you feel the cool that you are.

When I went through my divorce (and for a long time after), my self-esteem took a major blow. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to date again but of course, I finally did. Looking back, here are some of the things that helped me build my dating confidence.

Let the Love In
I’m not talking about dates but those who you choose to surround yourself in day-to-day life. Positive people attract positive energy. Hang out with friends and family whom afterwards leave you feeling good about yourself.

Recognize Your Worth
We all deserve love and happiness with someone who respects and treats us well. Remind yourself of your attractive qualities (when writing a dating profile), what you have to offer to a relationship. Make a list and put it on your fridge door. Read and believe!

Focus on Your Passions
Never make dating the central focus of your life. If you’ret in between dates/relationships, go out there and pursue your interests. Developing new skills builds confidence and is a very attractive quality to women.

Keep at It
Dating breaks have their advantages, but regular dating softens the blow when things don’t turn out. Rejection is inevitable but remember, from every date that doesn’t work, you’ll be gathering dating tips that will help to make the next one better.

Shed the Past
We all have baggage, but you need to check it at the dating door. If you’re hung up on someone from your past, you shouldn’t be dating. And never ever compare a new potential lady love with an ex.

Take Opportunities
Meeting trans women is easiest through ts specific dating sites, but you may also stumble upon LGBQT special events in your city or online forums. Be open to other possible places where you might meet the trans women you desire.

How do you boost or maintain dating confidence?

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