Tips for Creating a Video Introduction for TS Dating

It’s a fact that LGBT dating site ads that include a video introduction get significantly higher response rates than those without one, just as profiles with photos do much better than those with no picture. That said, recording your TS video introduction can be a daunting task if you’re someone who needs to do 20 takes to get the outgoing message on your voice mail set up just right. This tutorial is intended to help transsexual dating enthusiasts seeking helpful tips on the best way to record a great video introduction every time!

First off you need to accept that just like your outgoing voice mail message, your voice is going to sound different to you than it sounds in your own head when you speak. Most people are hypercritical of their own appearance and sound. Relax, and take a deep breath. We all have tiny imperfections and yours are no more noticeable than anyone else you’ll find.

  • Make sure your background is clean and uncluttered, regardless of whether you’re out or not, it shouldn’t look like you’re recording from within a closet. Even if you’re not much of a housekeeper, at least clear the decks within the camera’s field of view.
  • Be clean, well groomed and put together like you were going to meet good friends or go on a TS date, but don’t go to the extremes of doing yourself up like you’ll be on the red carpet at the Oscars or dress down so that you are looking your worst like it’s laundry day.
  • Make sure to keep background noise to a minimum, you don’t want to be competing with the constant hum of an air conditioner or barking pets, screaming neighbors, or whatever other extraneous noises might come into play.
  • Lighting is important, and the bluish glow your monitor throws is hardly the best light source for you to look your best. Try a desk lamp and also try different levels of ambient lighting in the room to find the most flattering combination.
  • Pretend you are talking to a person. You may very well be talking to the person of your dreams, albeit indirectly.
  • Know what you want to say, and write a script. It doesn’t have to be word for word, and you certainly don’t want to appear to be reading, but having a cue card with bullet points in your line of sight to keep you on track will work wonders.
  • Avoid personal ad clichés like “I’m no good at this, but here goes…”, “I’m down to earth,” “I’m normal,” or “I don’t like game-players.” The person viewing this video has already read your profile and is interested, so this is your chance to close the deal. Don’t reiterate what your profile already says or make the false assumption that “game players” are magically warded off by assertions that you don’t like to be toyed with.
  • Brevity is the soul of wit. Truer words have never been spoken. Your message should be around one minute, maybe two. If you find that you are running substantially more than that you need to pare down what you are saying. Remember, this is a tool for enticing potential mates, not to give them your life story.
  • Take your time and do it right. If it takes you 50 takes to get it right, then so be it. You want to come across as natural and relaxed, if you find that you getting flustered and are losing the ability to deliver your lines, take a break and come back to it later. There’s no pressure, the video will only get uploaded when you are satisfied.

If you follow the tips we’ve given you and have fun with it, your video message will do wonders for your response rates on any transgender, transsexual, gay or straight dating site profile you create and soon you’ll have your dance card filled. It’s amazing what a minute or two of video can do for your dating life!

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