How to Find Transgender Hookups: Trans Dating Sites

Want to meet local trans women, but don’t know where to start?

When looking to meet transgender partners in 2020, taking your search online is the way to go.

Everyone is different and has their own desires, so I’ve made sure to include transgender sites for both casual hookups and love relationships. So if you’re a trans admirer who likes to keep things discreet, or an open-minded lover ready to meet your TS soulmate, try one of these top sites and find the connection that’s perfect for you.

Disclosure: I’ve tested all the following sites, and remain an active member at Once I know a site is the real thing, I sometimes use links that earn a small commission if a member chooses to upgrade. It costs nothing extra to our readers, just helps us keep this little TS blog alive.

Best Transgender Dating Sites for Hookups


TSmeet is the biggest and best in this category. They provide an exciting and very naughty playground for trans lovers, that includes all sorts of extras such as video introductions, streaming member videos, live chat, niche chat rooms, and even member blogs.

Perhaps most importantly, TSmeet is the largest transgender hookup site, with millions of members the world over. Your chances of connecting with someone local are very good! You should note that they are part of the network, which is the secret to their popularity and size.

Be ready for an eye-full – TSmeet allows full nudity and attracts a lot of exhibitionists and kinky people. In fact, it’s the reason TSmeet is a web-app and not available as a download. It’s simply too hot for the app stores!

Find Trans Hookups Now at


TS Dating has been around long enough to develop a good-sized following. You won’t find all the bells and whistles that make TSmeet my number one choice, but is worth checking out to see who’s local and looking. Note that this is a good, simple option for those in the US, but for elsewhere you’re better off choosing TSmeet which is worldwide.

One thing I particularly like about TS Dating is that all members of the community are either trans or a trans-admirer. So it’s a smaller community but definitely more niche. In contrast to this, TSmeet is a massive site with all genders and orientations, just featuring the trans women profiles more prominently.

Best Site for Finding TS Relationships & Love


I’m so happy I found this site! While there are numerous options, (both good and bad), for those seeking TS hookups, if you want to find an ongoing relationship the pickings have been slim. My Transsexual Date stands out among all TS sites for their mission “to provide a quality and decent dating service for transgender women and the men who know how to appreciate them.”

I recently spoke to a representative of who made it clear to me that their website is for serious dating, relationships, and marriage only. They enforce strict policies and will ban men who are just looking for transexual hookups. They are serious about this folks! So if love is your game, this really is your best bet.

Tips for Trans Dating Site Success

  1. Create an awesome profile to attract awesome partners.
    I know you’re eager to start looking through profiles, but take a few minutes to focus on your own first. Fill out everything completely, try to be original, and give other members something to use as a conversation starter. And please, always add at least one profile photo!
  2. Be clear about your intentions and desires.
    While you don’t want to get so specific that you turn off potential partners, you’ll be amazed at how many more messages you get when you make your intentions clear. If you are in it for a one night stand, put it up-front in your profile title. Want to pamper a transwoman? Put the details in your description. Prefer pre-op? Just say so. Being clear about your wants helps the precise people you seek to find YOU via search or while browsing.
  3. Be a go-getter and enjoy the full experience.
    Don’t be a wall-flower and wait for the babes to come running. Take advantage of all the cool features a site like has to offer. The more you post, share, and participate, the more exposure you bring to you and your profile. Try writing a blog post or join a group. Don’t see a group that fits your interest? Create your own!
  4. Personalize every message you send.
    I wish this were obvious but my time as a woman on dating sites has informed me it’s not. When you send that lovely transwoman a message, please don’t copy and paste it to 50 other members as well. There’s no point! People ignore these messages, seeing them for the obvious fishing expedition they are.
    Read their profile carefully, then craft a short message that touches on something they said or are interested in. This alone will put your message miles ahead of the rest, trust me.

If you decide to try out one of these top TS dating sites, please come back to let us know how it goes! We love your feedback.

Good luck and enjoy! xo Lola

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