Hookup Tips: The Pick-Up Moves that Women Love

As a single woman who spends a lot of nights out on the town, I have plenty of interactions with men. Of all the guys who show interest in me, only a few know how to go from a stare across the room to potential partner. This applies whether we’re talking about a sexual partner or possible relationship. That sexy woman, trans or otherwise, is more likely to consider a hookup or date with you if you keep these tips in mind. At least, this is what works on me.

1. Approach and Initiate
Ever stare at a woman across the room all night, waiting for her to give you a sign? Understand that attractive women have men checking them out all the time, and a longing look from the other end of the bar is not gonna cut it. Find a chance to stand by her at the bar when she’s buying a drink, or any other moment that will give you a chance to casually chat. A man who shows confidence in a relaxed and  genuine way is sexy and stands out from guys who are “too cool” to make the first move.

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2. Be Friendly, Not Creepy
Consider opening with a question rather than a compliment. This not only gets the ball rolling, but it’s a friendly approach that doesn’t get a woman’s back up right away. While it’s true that women love compliments, save that for later after she’s warmed up to you. Instead, show her that you’re interested in her as a person. Ask her about the music that’s playing, or even just how her day was. Be sincere and throw in a smile for extra points.

3. Be Straightforward

Mean what you say. Say what you mean. Women get tired of guys asking to “hang out sometime” or “can I be your Facebook friend?” If you’re interested in getting to know a woman better, then tell her exactly that, and that you’d like to take her out for a drink sometime. Yes, like a real date. Guys that clearly just want to get in my pants are a dime a dozen… so even if that’s your eventual goal, you have a better chance of getting there by way of an actual planned date.

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