Easy Tips for First-Date Success

One thing that always comes up in my Ladies Night Out is stories of online dating, and horrible first dates in particular. Of course, there are the shocking tales, but what makes a first date bad isn’t usually that surprising.

There are basic fundamentals that won’t always guarantee an invite back to her place, but it will ensure a pleasant evening with possibilities to follow.

Remember the five Cs—cleanliness, common sense, compliments, courtesy, chivalry—and you will do just fine.

Cleanliness. Always shower (and shave if that’s your routine) before a first date. Put some effort into your appearance as you have to know a trans woman will. If you are hoping to hook up at your place, tidy and clean your pad, especially the bathroom.

Common sense. Show up on time, even five minutes early. Being late starts a first date off on a bad foot, and keeping a woman waiting is just poor etiquette.

Compliment. You don’t need to gush to express appreciation for how a woman looks. Be honest and tell her something you find attractive in her appearance, just keep it nonsexual… for now.

Courtesy. Be mindful of her body language and whether she’s enjoying herself. Even if you planned the date, be open to switching gears or locations. It’s important that your trans date feel safe and comfortable.

Chivalry. Call me old fashioned but I love it when a man opens the car door for me, carries my heavy bags, and plans a first date. I also think it’s a nice touch when a man picks up the bill the first time out together.

These are all easy things to do on a first date. If you focus on these, you will feel less anxious about where the date will go.

One more tip: plan a date that isn’t the go-to, coffee-shop-interview style date. She’ll appreciate something a little unique with an element of fun!

What do you think about my recommendations? What would you add?

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