7 Benefits of Casual Dating for Trans Women

You know what you get out of casual dating without strings. But what do transgender women get from the same?Lots, as it turns out.

7 Benefits of Casual Dating

1. Companionship

Dating is a great way to enjoy shared interests like restaurants, nightclubs, sports, concerts, theme parks and more. Women can do all of these things solo, or with their besties, but women who enjoy the company of men may prefer to explore their communities and pursue adventures with a date.

If she doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship for whatever reason, from being too busy with med school to preferring multiple partners to being in town temporarily on an exchange visa, casual dating gives her the companionship she craves without demanding commitment.

2. Sexual Variety

Women may enjoy casual dating because they enjoy the sexual variety that comes from seeing guys from all walks of life and dating different people.

3. Sex without Strings

Maybe she isn’t interested in numbers or variety, but she still wants to have sex without strings so that she is free to focus on her career or other aspects of her life that are more important than romantic relationships.

4. Ability to Screen Guys without Pressure

Transgender women have to fend off their fair share of perverts or guys with ulterior motives. Some trans admirers haven’t come to terms with their sexuality yet. Trans women don’t always have the time or desire to play nurse or sister, or to be abused or used by creeps.

Casual dating lets her screen the guys she’s dating without the pressure of a relationship or an expectation. She can just let nature take its course if the chemistry is right.

5. Freedom

Casual dating lets women enjoy the benefits of male companionship and sex without having to constantly answer to someone or plan her life around him. A woman who loves to travel alone, or simply enjoys creating her own schedule may enjoy the freedom that casual dating offers.

6. Meet New People

There are lots of ways to meet new people, and dating is one of them. If a trans woman works in the same office each day and plays on the same volleyball team every weekend, and goes to the same pub with her friends, dating different guys can mean getting to know people from different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities. Extroverts love dating for this reason.

7. Avoid Complications and Drama

With casual dating, transgender women can avoid the worst complications that come from commitments and long-term relationships. While the intimacy and familiarity and depth in a romantic relationship can be valuable and meaningful, the risk is high. There are times they are prepared for those risks, but there are lots of times they need to protect themselves and avoid the drama and potential heartbreak or complications that can arise.

Being able to date and enjoy getting to know men without being front row center for drama is definitely a plus.

What do you love about casual dating?

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