5 Signs You Might Get Lucky

First date sex. Is it a good idea? I like to be open to the possibility, especially if I’m not in a place where a serious relationship or commitment seems like a good fit for my life. We live in a hookup culture, so there isn’t the stigma that was once attached to casual sex. With responsible partners, what’s the harm in a little romp now and then.

So if you are open to the idea, and are out with a date, you’ll want to keep these signs in mind. Take them as hints that a woman may be interested in sex.

5 Signs You Might Get Lucky on a First Date

1. She initiates physical, affectionate contact. Some women are naturally more touchy-feely than others, but touching a first date is definitely a sign that she is attracted to you. This may be a stoke of your arm or a hand on your thigh.

2. She strokes your ego. This non-physical form of contact will be given as compliments to your looks and abilities. Women don’t just hand out praise to just any old date.

3. She makes eye contact and smiles. You’ll know that not only is she interested, but that she also cares about what you have to say. One step better is if she finds you funny. Sense of humour is at the top of most women’s lists of must-haves in a partner.

4. She moves closer. Relaxed body language is a great tell. If she makes an effort to be in closer proximity to you, she is feeling calm and at ease.

5. She talks about sex or flirts openly. When a woman can talk about sex or around the subject with someone new, it’s a sign she is comfortable with her sexuality. It may also be a very obvious flirtation that can heat things up very quickly.

Of course, not one or all of these signs will guarantee that you will get laid, but they will provide cues that there’s a good chance.

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