If You’re Into Women, You’re Into Transgender Women

An interesting concept came to my head recently, and I thought it was pretty indisputable. This is a reality that not many heteronormative mainstream cis-men in society would want to admit, but it’s so real that it can’t be denied or doubted.

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Thinking about it not only makes me laugh, but makes me wonder profoundly what the statistics really are… or if they can ever be known, and calculated by our sex-fearing society.

The thought is: If you’re into women, you’re into TRANSGENDER women.

Since there is no way for men to tell, they HAVE to have been attracted to trans women at some point in their life, and not have known it! This is probably true for more people than we will ever know, and this is something that is not really addressed by men or women.

Trans folks know it all too well! They see it every day of their lives, and they make their own decisions whether to reveal it or to conceal it. This is their prerogative forever, and it’s an inalienable right for them to share this truth with whoever they want to or not.

But the alternate truth is: they are living in society with everyone, and unless they are perceived as trans, then they will be perceived as one of the main two genders our society forces every identity into. And if they are presenting and performing as a femme/woman/girl, then they will be perceived as a femme/woman/girl!

Intriguing, innit?

This is true if they are presenting as a butch/man/guy, but they will be attracting men, of course… which is a smaller percentage of the population. But primarily, I think it’s safe to say that transgender people find more safety in the world of women than in the world of men. If I am wrong, please educate me better, but in my experience, that’s about accurate, albeit crude.

Everyday, trans women must secretly smile or frown, if not smirk or strut away at all the men who see “a woman” when they walk by. But the point I’m really focusing on, is how many men are attracted to trans women, and don’t even know it!

If they were informed in some way, I wonder how many more cis-men would be interested in exploring a sexual connection with one of the trans women they see so often in their lives, but don’t even know it.

Ah, the mysteries of life…

In love,
Addi Stewart

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