How to Survive an Embarrassing Sex Moment with a Trans Lover

It happens to the best of us. A moment of pure embarrassment while at our most vulnerable… during sex. A time when you wish you could just disappear. Most of us never repeat these incidents to anyone (including our best friends) and hope that our partners never do either.

I’ll share a couple of mine with you right now. The first was a common bedroom faux pas (at least I think it is!) I called my lover by an ex-boyfriend’s name. My only saving grace was that he was so busy going down on me that he didn’t hear. With another guy, after sex, we couldn’t find the condom. When I realized it might be still inside me, I freaked out. I stuck my finger up inside but couldn’t quite get a hold of it to pull it out. That’s when things got embarrassing. I used several items to try and pull the condom out including a toothbrush and tweezers. I finally squeezed water up from old shampoo bottle which helped dislodge the culprit. The only thing that could have made this worse, was if I had to go to the hospital, which looked like a real possibility at one point.

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3 Things to Help You Survive Sexual Embarrassment

1. Distract Your Lover. If it’s something you think they won’t notice, do something fun and spontaneous to distract them. A great blowjob, a spank, or a massage can work wonders.

2. Laugh It Off. Most of us know that sex isn’t the beautiful lovemaking that romcoms portray. It can get awkward and dirty very easily. If you can laugh at yourself, then surely your partner can too.

3. Share an Embarrassing Secret. If it’s your t-girl who is suddenly embarrassed by something she did, let her know she’s not alone. Share a story that will take the focus off of her and remind her that we’re all human.

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