Transexuals: The Best Of Both Worlds?

Recently I came across some forum posts by ardent lovers of transexual women, proclaiming that these women offer “the best of both worlds”.  I would like to explore this idea, which is actually closer to a myth than any kind of truth.

What a guy is typically referring to when he says this about a TS, is that they have the outward appearance and femininity of a woman, while also possessing the functioning genitalia of a man. Hence, the “best” of both a woman and a man. I have seen this type of commentary coming from men with varying levels of ignorance: a man who is fed up with rejection from bio-women and loves the idea that they are no longer necessary to him; a man who desperately desires cock but can only allow himself the indulgence if it’s presented on a woman’s body; a man who has overdosed on shemale porn which makes him think that all transexuals look and function in this way… you know these guys I’m talking about, right?

This is a dangerous idea to apply to transwomen in general because it perpetuates a common stereotype among tranny chasers that all transgendered women are going to present themselves as a hot babe packing a big dick, just like in the shemale porn they’ve been watching. I’m not saying that this “dream tranny” (big boobs, small waist, long hair, hard cock) doesn’t exist. But if you think this is the standard for what to expect when you sign up to a ts dating site, or when you go out specifically looking to hookup with trans people, you’re going to be sorely disappointed and rightfully so. Yes, there are transwomen and escorts out there who will possibly give you this “best of both worlds” fantasy. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, just that it’s an unrealistic image that you’re projecting onto a larger group that encompasses many more people who are NOT what you imagine.

To all you “shemale” lovers out there: Don’t you know that many, if not most transwomen would really like to avoid everything about the fact that they have a penis? And if they haven’t already done something about that surgically, then they’re often on a course of hormone treatment that can impact their ability to perform at all in the way that you have been imagining? A transgendered woman typically does not want to encompass “both worlds”, as you have so lovingly put it. Let’s focus on the REAL world, where not all men are prince charmings, and not all transwomen are going to offer you that “tranny surprise”.

Did I burst anyone’s bubble? Can anyone add their experience or expertise to this topic? Share in the comments..

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