5 Sexy Resolutions for the New Year

Lots of people write new year’s resolutions in the hopes of bettering themselves and their lives. And that’s great! I’m all about self-improvement. This year, why not add a few sexy resolutions to your list that not only will benefit you, but also those you’re intimate with.

5 Sexy Resolutions for a Better Love Life

1. Focus on Your Health. We truly are what we eat, so if you’re a fast-food, microwave-warm-up kind of person, it’s time to get cooking. It’s okay to eat out or get delivery once in a while, but if you’re eating healthy, fresh foods regularly, you do feel better. And feeling good leads to feeling confident with others, aka lovers. It’s also important to exercise, and you don’t have to be a gym rat. A twenty-minute walk or Pilates video at home are fine alternatives. Working out provides positive energy that others pick up on – the physical outcome is just a bonus!

2. Take a Sexy Workshop. Unless you live in a very small town, most cities offer sex-focused workshops or host sex conferences. And the topics are often very specific such as “How to Give a Striptease” or “Avoiding Jealousy in Poly Relationships.” Being around other sex-positive people is liberating and from my experience, there’s always more to learn about our sexual selves.

3. Explore Your Fantasies. As someone who was in a vanilla relationship for years, it wasn’t that long ago that I started letting my sexual, freak flag fly. You may not be aware of your kinks or possible interest in bdsm, but it’s worth exploring. If you’re single or not quite sure how to talk about your sexual fantasies with a partner, check things out on your own. You can do this by watching porn, visiting your local sex shop, or reading sex forums online.

4. Join a Dating Site. This was also something I didn’t try until a few years ago. It was daunting at first, but now it’s my go-to place when things are slow in “the real world of dating.” When you have dating confidence, it can be a lot of fun because everyone there is looking for someone else, so you can cut through a lot of the preliminaries. If you’re already on a site, think about joining a new one, especially if you’re into niche dating such as TS dating. You should also update your profile often to attract new people.

5. Brush Up on Your Bedroom Skills. No matter how much of a romeo you think you are, there’s always room for improvement. Think about it. Is there something you’ve been asked to do by a lover, but you changed the subject or said you weren’t in the mood? Unless it’s something you’re really opposed to, you should try to be flexible, especially when it comes to pleasing a lover. I Heart TS is a great place to find tips and advice on sexy topics such as dirty talk, bondage, and anal sex, but remember: practice is always the best (and most fun!) way to perfect your lovemaking skills.

What sexy resolutions will be on your list this year?

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