Your Trans Desire Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Secret

All the way back in May 2012, I Love TS conducted a poll of our readers entitled Are You Open About Your TS Attraction. While the poll has little over a hundred respondents at this time, the results suggest that many men keep their attraction to transwomen under wraps. When asked “Do you share your attraction to transexuals with your significant other?”, most men answered “No, it’s my dirty little secret.”

See the poll & add your voice here.  It’s just a multiple choice question, I swear.

I can understand why a guy wouldn’t want to tell his partner about this attraction. In most traditional relationships, you aren’t supposed to be crushing on ANYONE else, regardless of gender labels or physiology. But what about those guys who are single, often joining dating sites to meet local transwomen, or keeping their desires restricted to porn? For these guys, is a particular attraction to transwomen their dirty little secret as well? Unfortunately, this is most likely the case. (I know it’s not true for everyone, especially many of our readers.)

As transgender equality issues finally begin to rise to the surface, I suggest that trans-attracted men come along for the ride and choose to practice more openness and acceptance. Not just acceptance and recognition of transgender rights, but acceptance of their desires. If you are actively hiding your attraction to these women who turn you on, or the lovely TS you’re chatting to online at TSmeet, you should consider that you may be part of the problem.

So c’mon… tranny chasers unite! Try visiting a trans club or bar, meet up for coffee at Starbucks with that cutie from the dating site, bring your TS girlfriend home to meet your mom! All I’m saying is that no one deserves to be treated as a secret simply because they don’t fit the current acceptable molds for gender identity. You can be on the front lines of change for the women you love!

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I’d love to discuss this more with you in the comments below. What’s your take?

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