When Your Trans Identity Is an Open Secret

There are occasions that are special. Then there are occasions that are magical beyond description! When these ones come along, a person like me gets put in the particular place of wondering what to say and not to say about it.

So, there’s this interesting situation coming up. I have been invited to a birthday party, and I was recently informed that they are trans. I know they have revealed this to some of the people who are going to be at the party, since we have all spent time together recently at a kinky erotic sex worker vacation winter getaway.

There are going to be some new people at the party who have never spent time with this person in this environment. I wonder if they are going to remain silent about their trans truth, and if they do, I wonder if everyone is going to stay silent along with them. I know I can, but I’m not sure what they have told others to do or say, or not to say.

I feel like it’s an open secret with this person that they are trans, but I know I’m not going to be the person to ever reveal this information in a public conversation—it’s not my story to tell or my identity to reveal.

I do wonder what’s going to happen if we are in an intimate situation, and they are possibly put in the position of maybe needing to tell someone in public what their gender is, or if they handle the situation differently than I am aware. I am about to find out, when I go the birthday party! I really hope we can tell each other our truths happily and honestly!

Do you have a similar story or experience? Please share in the comments!

Addi Stewart

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