What to Know about Coming Out as a Trans Admirer

More and more men who love transexuals are deciding to wear their heart on their sleeve and go public about their attraction to transgender women.

Whether a man enjoys dating all women, cis and trans, or has a dominant or exclusive attraction to TS girls, it has historically been easier to keep his love on the down low.

Men who love transgender women have often faced ridicule, been mocked as freaks or pervs, or taunted for being homosexuals. Unfortunately, they are sometimes denigrated by the trans community too. The secrecy in the first place perpetuates the notion that trans attraction is something shameful, and then trans women understandably don’t want to be someone’s fetish.

As history moves forward and the visibility of transgender people and their rights become a key civil rights issue the world over, more and more men are speaking up in defense of their desires and relationships with trans women.

Here are some reasons and considerations of men who are publicly admitting their attraction to trans women.

You know you’re not alone.

There was a day when TS attraction was so underground, a man might literally have never heard another human being talk about trans people outside of porn or radical LGBTQ politics (even though transgender has nothing to do with orientation, shunned gay folks were the first to stand with trans people and give them safe spaces and allies.)

Today’s society, health care, law enforcement, laws, education, some religions, sports and more all acknowledge to some degree the identity and needs of trans people. The men who love trans women are also more and more visible, more accepted, and more “guy next door” than “weirdo down the street.”

It’s an affirmative act of solidarity.

It’s empowering to all humanity to stand up and say you acknowledge the existence of, the needs of, and the rights of a certain marginalized population. There were men and women who risked their reputation or their lives to publicly pronounce that their partner was interracial. This is no different.

For some men, it’s a moral imperative.

The alternative is the continued dehumanization of your girlfriend, hiding her away as if loving her is something shameful.

It’s no one’s business on the one hand who a person has sex with, and there’s no need to announce the identity, gender, race, or age of every casual encounter in one’s life. But the game changes when hookups turn to dating and love, and to deny one’s partner an honest connection to the rest of your life is problematic.

Declaration of love.

We sometimes keep a relationship secret in order to protect the person we love from hurt and hate, but at some point it must be the hate that is denounced and the love we feel upheld and celebrated.

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