TS Dating Diary: Part One

Some people call me a player or a scoundrel, but I really just have a lot of love to give and I always get off on giving that love to sexy transgender women. I love big breasts and have a fetish for high heels. (Some people also call me sexist and say I do what I can to uphold the gender binary, but I just know I like what I like.)

Anyway, I recently joined TSmeet.com. After chatting with a few of the gorgeous TS women there and engaging in naughty fun, I thought I’d share some pages from my diary.

Date 1 – Amber

Amber was a gorgeous redhead I met on my very first day on TSmeet. What luck as Amber was the perfect MILF-next-door.

Amber looked like a retro rockabilly lady mixed with a modern day transgender MILF. We chatted a couple of times, and each time her pouty mouth was perfectly made up and her hair was in a retro up-do. I wanted to reach through the computer screen and smudge her red lipstick. When I told her about my shoe fetish, she wore her highest heels the next time we met online.

She was very flirtatious as well, and gave me a fun little striptease (leaving her heels on!)  – and everything about her was as perfect down below as it looked up top!

I don’t know where my fascination with transgender ladies comes from, but it was a few years before I actually met one, and now I’m hooked.

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