TS Dating Diary: Part 3

Some people call me a scoundrel, but I really just have a lot of love to give. The more demure-seeming but uninhibited sexually a TS woman is, the more I love her. And there are so many TS women just like this on TSmeet.com.

Here’s one more page from my diary – this is about the time I got so hot just chatting with and thinking about kinky transgender women. Enjoy.

Date 3 – Gennifer

I met Gennifer a couple days ago on TSmeet. She was brand new to the site, and I was immediately drawn to her name. There’s only one other Jennifer spelled like “Gennifer” that I’d ever heard of before, and she was quite “presidential.” This is when I let my imagination run wild, and just the thought of getting kinky with a TS woman who had been with some of the most powerful men in history brought out my inner cuckold.

I’ve only chatted with Gennifer a couple of times so far, but all I can think about is myself cosplaying as the president while Gennifer tantalizes some glistening bull. After a long slow striptease, Gennifer and me start having some really kinky dirty sex, her tight little ass getting all the attention it deserves.

Damn, I’m gonna have to stop talking about this now. I really need to go online and see what Gennifer is up to right now! And if she’s not logged in, I’ll just have to find some other way to amuse myself.

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