Transgender Truths: Just Ask

How does a person learn things they don’t know about someone’s sexuality? Just ask! If the person doesn’t want to answer, they don’t have to. And then you don’t have to ask again. You can ask someone else. Or the person can answer, and then you just learned an enormous new little lesson about life!

It’s kinda like what some parents should do with their kids when they ask: “where do babies come from, Mommy?” The answer is a simple truth that can be clarified by sharing it straight up with the person who is naive of it.

There were a few moments in my ever-expanding understanding of transgender humanity that were just little moments that taught everything.

The first time I interacted with a transgender woman was at the Toronto Pride Parade around 1999. I was walking down the street, scantily clad and full of festive cheer and happiness, and not really aware of how much I didn’t know about certain types of people that I hadn’t had personal life experiences with yet. And as I was walking up Church St. right by Maple Leaf Gardens, a lovely voluptuous Brazilian woman with a rainbow feather boa and humongous hair came sashaying towards me with the most radiant smile I could imagine, and put her arm around me. I didn’t look below their waist just yet, because her stupendously enormous saline breasts were reaching out towards my eyes and were begging me to stare at them. The rainbow boa was falling down the sides of them, as nothing else was covering their breasts at all, so staring at them didn’t feel inappropriate. They were out naked for the world to see, and she was dancing around being friendly with people. People like me!

So, she put her arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. It was cute. Then, I asked her if I could kiss her. And she said, “yes!” I kissed her on the cheek. Then, I looked down, and saw her cute penis bulging in her panties, and I was like “whoa!”

My brain was transforming on the spot, as I took in the presence of this transgender goddess and our instant connection. I had never been this close to a buxom Brazilian before, much less one with the same lower region parts as me, and I loved it. Her very forward attraction to me caused her to grab my jewels without delay, and I was not offended for a moment. It just felt good at the time.

I then asked her, “May I feel your breasts?” She said “yes!” and I began to caress her as she fondled my groin. We were like kids at recess! And just as quickly as it began, it ended, as they floated on their merry way in the Pride Parade, and kept spreading joy and delight in her wake.

I then realized I just had my first interaction with a transgender woman, and it was not only mind-opening, but it was heart-touching.

I will save some of my other experiences for other posts, because each one of them deserves its own detailed explanation… but it started here, on a wonderful Pride Parade day in the late 90’s, and I thank that wonderful Brazilian lady for being so beautiful to me!

Each little step forward happened just by asking a simple question. You can do it too! Just be respectful and kind, and I hope you feel a first, second and more experiences with a trans person equally as enjoyable as I did. Good luck!

In love,
Addi Stewart

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