Tips for Dating a Trans Woman

Transgender women have a lot to go through before they even date sometimes. And when they are ready to take that step, they will have many concerns such as safety, when and how to tell someone they are trans, and will the gender whom they are attracted to find them attractive. Some people don’t even understand what transgender means!

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After a long arduous journey of self-discovery, the last thing a t-girl wants to do is be a teacher too. This is why it’s best not to overwhelm her with too many questions on a first date. Let the conversation flow organically. It’s still important to ask questions and actively listen, just keep them broad. Setting a comfortable tone will have her opening up at her own pace, which she will appreciate.

She wants love the same as any cis-gender woman. Many trans ladies will disclose their trans status early, whether by text or on a dating profile. This may seem somewhat impersonal, but it’s a good choice when it comes to avoiding dangerous situations and reactions. Trans women are killed every year, so planning a date where she feels safe is paramount. This might mean letting her choose the place and/or activity.

Another dating issue trans women complain about is the confusion many cis-gender men have when it comes to transgender and sexuality. She may still have a penis, but that doesn’t mean she likes women or that you’re gay (two common misconceptions). When she says she’s straight, it means she considers herself a full woman who likes men, and it doesn’t mean you’re bi or gay if you’re a ts admirer, even if you both want her penis to be part of your sexual activity.

It all may sound complicated, and it is a little more than cis dating, but if you feel attracted to a her, that’s all that matters. Give her your full attention, and get to know her just as you would any woman. She’s worth it!

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