Stories from Straight Men Who Date Trans Women

Almost anybody can find it difficult to meet someone. Whether a guy is  looking for like-minded friends after moving to a new town or hoping for a compatible woman to spend his life with, connecting can be complicated!

It’s even harder when the girl of your dreams is transexual.

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If you’re looking to meet a wonderful transgender woman for dating, sex, or long-term relationships, it makes sense to ask guys who have already made that love connection. So I did!

Where did you meet your transgender girlfriend?

“I met Sarah at the local gay nightclub. Some girls at work told me honestly that I needed to be more open minded, and explained that trans women have long attended gay clubs because they have traditionally been more welcomed there. Admirers go, too.

I wasn’t sure whether this route would work for me, but I soon found out it’s really easy to make friends with all kinds of women—cis and trans women—when you’re comfortable hanging out with their friends. I had my eye on a leggy blonde t-girl and was summoning the balls to buy her a drink, when another girl sat down next to me and asked my name. I was smitten immediately and still am, four years later.” – Kevin, 33

“I live in a pretty small town, so I didn’t think there were many transgender women in my area. Imagine my surprise when I joined to discover a beautiful transexual in my own apartment building! Turns out Cassie is also involved in a family situation and looking for a regular but NSA hookup partner—just like me!

The chemistry is dynamite, and since she’s just two floors up, it’s convenient for discreet midnight trysts. We even did it in the laundry room when I happened upon her folding her lacy thongs.” – Santiago, 27

“I met Belle at my Buddhist meditation class. I use mindfulness and other Buddhist practices to deal with the stress of my job on the emergency ward.

I was hooking up with another trans girl on weekends, but she didn’t want to limit herself to one guy. I wasn’t expecting to meet my soul mate while chanting with my eyes closed, but it makes sense in retrospect. You can meet like-minded trans women when you’re doing the things you love.” – Jeremy, 40

“The ending of my last relationship was pretty messy, but during the break up my cis girlfriend told me I needed to grow a set and meet the kind of women I was really attracted to. It drove home to me that being dishonest with myself was keeping me from happiness but also hurting other people.

I asked around and met other trans admirers in my city and after meeting a few of these women, I was eventually introduced to Mandy. Not only is she cute as a button, but we both love dogs, hiking, chess, and Renaissance art. Uncanny!” – Sam, 26

“I took a gluten-free baking course so I could surprise my mom with a birthday cake she could eat. Yvette was the instructor, and boy, has she taught me a thing or two besides how to bake!” – Rob, 22

Share with us how you met the girl of your dreams!

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