One Sign Your TS Friend Is Interested in You

If you are accustomed to dating traditional females you may have developed a sense for the games they often play. Does she like you or not? How does she smile? When she walks away does she turn to look back at you? Is she offering to split the check after dinner or waiting for you to pick it up? Perhaps the best news about TS love is that all the head games go away quickly!

There is one easy way to know if your TS friend likes you. She’ll tell you! Unlike most women, a shemale love interest is much more secure in her sexuality and is willing to step outside her own internal comfort zone to get what she wants. It doesn’t take a lot of initiative to lean forward, caress your hand in hers and softly say “You know I really like you, right?”

That’s what makes transexual dating communities online so exciting. Thousands of gorgeous ladyboys, pre-op trans and transvestites coming together to share their true selves in an open and nurturing community of caring individuals who have the same romantic vision of the world. Be done with the games girls play, do away with waiting or counting who called who last time. Rise up and be part of a higher love built on honesty and extroverted intentions. It’s okay to just lust after someone, but it makes a whole lot more sense if you’re willing to tell them all about it!

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