Open Yourself Up to Trans Encounters

I had an interesting erotic encounter a few weeks ago, and I felt a variety of emotions through it. There was insight and elation and there was a quirky uncertainty that I had to put to rest right quick.

Regular old me, doing my relaxation thing and hanging with the peoples, was meeting a group for a potluck. We were all in a kitchen, gathering our thoughts, appetites, genitals, etc. Then we made our way back into the living room, and started to get comfortable with each other’s boundaries and belief systems.

A lot of new faces were in the room, and a few of them weren’t as open and connective as others—as it sometimes is, and it should be. Not everyone is a social butterfly, nor is everyone a wallflower. Gotta see what part of the erotic garden you fit yourself into, and make growth happen.

I went towards someone I already knew but didn’t know in certain particular ways. I had a trans friend in the group, and they were super kind and caring to me. Aw shucks, they are a doll and a delight in my eyes, so I am always thankful when we talk about life and love and trans truth.

When the big hug came up for us (considering how much closer we’ve gotten over the past few months, asking them for help regarding a situation with a trans partner of mine, and them knowing that I’m all about love and truth and joy), they came to me.

We ended up kissing on the lips, deeply—for a while. I was a bit shocked! For one, I wasn’t sure of this person’s relationship status and didn’t know if it was okay. I didn’t know they were into men like me! Second up, I was bear hugging everyone, and I’m not used to people all kissing each other on the mouth when they meet up. And the third and new thing to me was the feeling of having their butter soft lips contrast with their five o’clock mustache that was growing in on their upper lip.

To literally kiss the undefinable balance of masculinity and femininity at the same time was a liberating and pleasing experience for me and my mouth. Their lips were so supple, but the most nontraditional additions would manifest… a scratched and stiff upper lip. That opens the brain box up a bit when the day is winding down—trust and consider this truth.

There isn’t much more to the tale. I enjoyed the kiss, so did they, and we hugged after. But I felt things I’ve never felt before, I went places with people I never experience before, and I loved what happened in ways I never loved before. There will be more.

Addi Stewart

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