New Experiences with Transgender

Life is nothing worth waking up for if not for the possibility of having new experiences we’ve never seen, heard or known before, innit? I do believe so, and that’s one thing I can say about society learning the truth of transgender identity and trans humanity: there is constant learning and endless growth happening with everyone, simultaneously and individually, on so many levels.

To be ignorant to it is to miss out on the greatest types of insight and education we can get in the marvelously large mystery called life. I was recently at a Wu-Tang Clan concert, and it was magnificent. It was a supremely wonderful gathering of music-loving humans all celebrating existence and art.

One of the most notable moments happened at the front row, near an open space for the press, where I saw someone I’ve never seen before in my life. This someone was in a wheelchair, and had no arms or legs from the elbows and knees… and with all my sensory apparatus and belief, I felt and thought that they were transgender.

I had a certain attraction to them, as their face was a beautifully irresistible Filipino ethnicity that I found gorgeous. I was not in a place or time to ask questions, as it was loud and hectic, but my heart kept wanting to explore their interesting spirit, so I kept looking over to make eye contact.

At the end of the show there was no chance to see them again, but I really felt curious to ask or learn: did I see my first disabled transgender person in a wheelchair? I really would like to learn things about that person’s life and tribulations.

The curiosity was so deep! And thankfully, Method Man came over and gave that person an amazing hug. Good times, true indeed.

Addi Stewart

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