My First Transgender Kiss

Being a sexual adventurer and sexual explorer has done endless wonderful things to my life and dreams.

I’ve been open to connecting to all types of people in life since I was a youngster, and it hasn’t changed now that I’m going to sex clubs and doing wild stuff like filming porn and attending conferences like Playground and The Everything To Do With Sex Show and such. Good times! But the truth is: the life of a transgender person exists on a level of humanity that fascinates and expands my mind on levels that I still am coming to comprehend! I truly connect to ANY one simply if I have chemistry with them, and their genetalia or gender doesn’t really determine what I will do with someone, as much as my desire! It’s a fabulous way to live.

I was at Oasis Aqualounge a few years ago, when it was all new to me, damn near everything about The Scene was. Most of my life I had been around gays and lesbians in various capacities as familial friends and what not, but I had not had many transparent sexual interactions with any transgender individuals, thus far in my life… and then it all changed, one fine night at Oasis!

I was just wandering around the venue one late summer evening, by myself. I didn’t have much in mind, with no intentions for anyone or anything. I was enjoying the pool and the dance floor, as well as the occasional dip in the hot tub. I then went to the sauna and relaxed myself. And when I came out with intentions to re-enter the hot tub, someone stopped me…

“Hi!” They said in a chipper tone of voice that clearly conveyed interest.

“Hey,” I replied neutrally, not completely in the frame of mind to process everything happening.

“Are you here alone?” They asked me.

“Yes, I am, actually,” I replied, realizing they wanted to have a conversation begin immediately.

And after a few minutes of gentle small talk, the person confessed to me that they saw me immediately when I walked in the club. Unbeknownst to me, they had been watching me for quite some time. They were extremely delicate about informing me that they were really attracted to my body and my smile.

About five minutes into this very relaxed conversation, I received a full disclosure, something to the effect of: “I don’t know if you could tell or not, but I’m transgender…”

(I had actually noticed the breast removal scars on their chest while we were talking, as we were both topless and only wearing towels, so yeah… I had a bit of an idea, but was thankful to hear it from their lips!)

What was a completely new experience for me, was the fact that this person was taking hormones to grow facial hair, and I had never met anyone who was actually doing that. I had heard about it, but to meet someone and see what it did to the human body was the education that I wanted to attain. And here was the moment! This person was of Portugese descent, a little shorter than me, and just a pleasant personality overall. We just had a wonderful rapport flowing between us, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at any point in time about anything.

They took the leap of faith and asked, “I was wondering if you would be okay with me giving you a kiss?”

I looked into my heart and thought, why wouldn’t I kiss this person who I’ve been feeling nothing but good vibrations from since the moment I met them? It’s just a kiss! And since I’ve kissed well over a dozen men before for various reasons (movie roles, orgies, simple friendship, etc.) I figured, why would kissing this woman-becoming-a-man be a problem? It wasn’t!

We kissed, right there in the exact same spot we introduced ourselves to each other. A nice sweet little smooch, enough to leave a lingering memory for both of us. And just like that, they said, “Thank you very much,” and walked away, never to be seen again.

In love,
Addi Stewart

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