Meeting Trans Women in Small Towns

If you live in small town like me, you probably feel like there aren’t very many transgender women looking to meet you. It may feel like your town’s social scene is really insular – that everyone has dated and hooked up with the TS women that everyone else has already met and hooked up with. It’s like college all over again, where everyone on your floor has already spent time with everyone else. Except if you’re looking to meet a trans lady, there may be even fewer women to choose from.

In my town, as soon as a new person moves here, everyone wants to meet her. And when everyone goes out to the one-and-only queer spot, I feel like I’m competing with so many other people to get a sultry TS vixen to pay attention to me. I’m a regular joe with a good job but am only average looking. I often wonder what I have to do to win the attention of a sexy TS lady.

After searching the online recently, I found and became a member. It’s like I moved from my small town to a big city teeming with diversity! And there seem to be a lot of women there who are into kinky sex, which is what I’m looking for after thirteen years in a vanilla relationship.

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The great thing about a trans dating site is that you don’t have to rely on bumping into a trans woman at your local watering hole or grocery store, you can actually find these ladies who live in a reasonable distance of meeting you in person. I have my first date in a couple weeks!

Where do you meet trans women? Have you had any success online? Let us know in the comments!

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