Meeting Trans People in Different Communities

One day, I found myself in the most unique situation I have ever experienced, and it was beautiful.

I used to go to a Naked Sauna near Ossington station in Toronto.

It was a notorious open loving community full of amazing characters and big-hearted spirits who don’t judge anyone.

When I first got there, a trans FTM person was doing security, and was actually in a position of power in the house, which was nice to see upon first visit, as it instantly showed me that the typical ways of things weren’t going to be how it was going down in this spot. I’ve never experienced that, a trans person as a security guard. Cool!

Anyways, I had no problems with anyone, and there were all kinds of folks there.

I had my first BDSM experience in that place, someone flogged me, caned me and tied me up. It was delicious. I had my first kiss with a man in a MMF threesome there, which was also delicious. So many interesting things happened to me at that place, and every single time, it opened my eyes and opened my mind further.

But there was one moment that tore my mind open in a way that has never happened before, and I loved it more than anything.¬†I went there one evening and, as it happens, I’m usually the “minority” in many sexual community situations, as there just isn’t that many cisgender black males in certain parts of the polyamory community, and even less in the BDSM community.

So, how amazing was it when I went to change my clothes in the spare bedroom one day, looked around, and realized¬†I was the ONLY cis-male in a room with FOUR transgender people in the room with me… and nobody else! Amazing!

I was familiar with two of them, but didn’t know the other two, but I saw them all talking… and I was in another world. No women, no other men, no other black people, no Asians or South Asians… just four beautiful transgender folks and me! To be in a situation where trans folks were the majority, and I was the minority, was just unreal and educational like nothing else!

Something happened to me that day… I had my mind expanded in a way it never had been before, and I’ll never be the same. It just showed me the potential of humanity and how I need to always stay humble because I will always be learning about life!

It was so lovely. Thank you to Naked Sauna for the glorious memories, and thanks for making it safe for trans folks to be naked!

In love,
Addi Stewart

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