Manners and Dating TS Women – What’s Conventional?

Do you treat transgender women differently than cisgender women in social or romantic situations? The simple (and only) answer is: absolutely not.

If you’re reading this, you probably have a love for sexy TS women and are probably looking to date beautiful transgender women. Or maybe you have fantasies about hot transsexual MILFs. But some people don’t realize that what every TS woman really wants is to be treated normally, just as you would any other woman you were into.

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Interacting with anyone new often comes with some negotiating of boundaries and getting-to-know-you awkwardness. If you’re dating transgender women, you may know common courtesy and politeness is universal, but you may be wondering if there are special things you can do to make sure a TS woman feels comfortable and loving around you.

One key step is to pay attention to how your TS date likes to be referred. Does she prefer conventional feminine pronouns, or do they prefer gender-neutral references? (see what I did there?) Make sure to address all people how they want to be. This is very important to make all women, your TS date included, feel special and seen.

You can try out your new skills talking to TS women at It’s an easy place to meet outgoing friendly T-girls looking for you, and if you can’t tell through casual conversation and context clues – be confident enough to ask. As long as you’re respectful and sincere in appreciating TS women, your transgender date will be happy to tell you her preferences.

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