“I Want to Wear My Dick… Is That a Problem?”

You never know what kind of surprises someone is going to drop on you. But are you ready for your lovers and friends to give you new information to process sexually and socially?

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Are you ready for your heart and mind to be taken to places they’ve never been before? Are you ready and willing and able to be the person you never quite knew you’d have to become?

It’s good to answer these questions and then question these answers! Because people are growing, changing, shifting, evolving… and dying, ending, completing, and closing parts of their spirit, mind, body and soul.

Are you part of the expansion or part of the contraction? Are you really on the edge of evolution with some people, or are you on the edge of the ending of the connection? Do you even know where you stand with someone taking a stand on something political or socially revolutionary? These days, it’s great to know that truth and those things.

People are out here changing their genitals and changing their identity on a level that’s rarely ever publicly discussed, as deep and as wide as the changes are growing.

The technology and the types of body-modification and alteration that is happening in the world is unprecedented in my understanding, and we really all collectively need to be ready to expand our minds and open our hearts in new ways when new things happen. Otherwise, we start arguments over identity and construct roadblocks over emotion, and it’s not good for the progress of this collective civilization we are trying to exist in.

CAN WE ALL FEEL THIS WAY? I would hope and wish so!

Especially when something like this happens:

One of my gender fluid lovers asked me to come over and fuck their pussy and enjoy their tits. I was like “Hell yeah I want to do that, and I’m not doing anything else tonight. See you at 7, dumpling.”

So I go over and start cuddling with them, after our requisite catch up. Things are going typically normal, the way all our visits go. I am being physical with them, and they are being physical with me. Kisses are shared, cuddles are offered, and contact is plentiful. I am happy and so are they, good times are a gwanning all over the place, yay and felicitations!

But then…

They stopped and said, “I have to tell you something. I’m packing my penis. I want to wear my dick as I’m sitting on you. Is that a problem?”

I stopped and thought, well, this is a first. Then I said to myself, I’ve never had this experience. I’m happy about it, and I don’t feel afraid of the unknown, so why not?

So they sat on me. And I could feel their pecker on mine.

Since I was holding onto their breasts, I can say it was QUITE a unique experience! Nothing was the matter, we just kept talking, and it was all to the good.

A genderfluid, sex-positive friend was just straddling me while their plastic penis was pushing up against my flesh cock. No big deal!

And then…

I felt something. It felt small but I felt something happen. Their dick dropped onto mine. I was like WOW but didn’t say anything. I just noted it. And noted that I wasn’t exactly comfortable, but I wasn’t uncomfortable either. It was just a new space to sexually exist inside…

Then, a few minutes later, they pulled it out and threw it on the bed.

Right before our sex, I turned and was like “Ooops, I’m on your hand.”

And they said “That’s not my hand. That’s my DICK.”

As I commenced to feel this flesh-like penis appendage, I realized I was in a new place. It was nice. It was odd. It was cozy. But it was new.

No names need to exist for the places we go. Hell, we don’t even need the name “heterosexual” to be honest.

All we need is truth and love and trust. And if we have those three elements in place, then no matter what comes up or goes down… we will all be okay.

In love,
Addi Stewart

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