Holiday Activities for You and Your TS Date

Get festive this holiday season and make some memories with your trans girlfriend.

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The Nutcracker

Seriously? I know, you’re under the impression that sitting through Christmas’s beloved ballet, The Nutcracker, is a special kind of torture that cracks ¬†your nuts with the wrench of boredom. Time to take on a new attitude! This ballet features the music of Tchaikovsky, one of history’s most gifted composers, and a little culture never hurt anyone. Besides, every woman loves this nostalgic Christmas story.


When was the last time your girlfriend got dressed up in a snowsuit, trudged up a hill, and hurdled to the bottom on a sled? They say it’s going to be a long winter, so pick up a toboggan this year and tie a big red bow on it. The fresh air, exhilaration, and cold mean lots of snuggling later, guaranteed!

Craft Fairs 

Women love shopping, and even if you don’t, show her you love her by taking her. But skip the malls! Lots of great artists show unique gifts like photography, jewellry, and LOL cat stuff at local craft bazaars.

Festive Feast

Invite another couple or your mutual besties over for a mini feast before or after the official day. Spend quality time together plotting out an interesting menu and wine list. Whether you’re both serious foodies, or neither of you can cook, it’s a lot of fun to plan a casual feast and then entertain.

Skip the turkey and think of other holiday recipes to try, just for the sake of having a new experience. Or have a milk-and-cookies drop-in where you share your baked goods. Even if you can’t bake worth beans, but it’s still super fun.


Most trans women I know are especially sensitive to the needs of others because of their own difficult experiences. Show her that you care too by signing up as a couple to volunteer on one or more occasions. Make it fun, and dress up in a Santa hat or Rudolf antlers.

Ring the bells at the mall for Salvation Army donations, drive immobile people in your community to do their Christmas errands, or shovel snow for folks who can’t. Or, why not find trans people who don’t have family support and host them for Christmas dinner?

Christmas Carolling

If your transgender date loves music or Christmas songs, have some participatory fun and join a sing along. You can go carolling, and there are always amazing Christmas music events around town. There are rowdier options, too, like Christmas karaoke or pub sings. It’s fun!

Remember: It’s easy for anyone over twenty-one to get jaded about Christmas, but the real meaning of the season is about friends and family and doing things together. So use your imagination and get out there, or you’ll find yourself sitting home alone while your girlfriend makes her own plans. The couple who plays together stays together!

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