Escape the Tyranny of Gender Binary Dating Sites

Looking for a transgender woman, or being transgender and using one of the big-name dating sites like OKCupid or Plenty of Fish comes with a whole set of headaches, everything from dealing with people who will judge you to their binary male/female choices for your sex to sexual partner preference.

Why should you choose to go to a site that can’t be bothered to give you the choice of self-determination? There are plenty of good dating sites out there for T-girls and those looking to find their transgendered partners, that cater to your identity and your sexual preferences.

From sites like for those who seek a long-term relationship to hookup sites like and, all give you the option of finding exactly what you want.

Crossdressers can go to Crossdresser Dating for a community of like-minded adults who are looking to connect, while those who have transitioned can find themselves a hot commodity at Transgender Hookups.

There’s no reason to frequent sites that won’t even acknowledge that trans people and those who are trans-attracted exist, when you can go to sites that support and even celebrate the unique beauty of trans women.

You can even find niche sites that cater to your kinks in addition to your trans attraction like There’s a wide world of opportunities to find the T-girl of your dreams. It’s all just a click away!

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