Benefits of Joining Multiple Dating Sites

I’m a big believer in using more than one dating site to meet women, especially if you are a trans admirer.

Joining only one site can be limiting because every dating site offers niche features and attracts a different population. It may cost a little more as some sites aren’t free, but not as much as sitting in a bar waiting for the right woman to walk in.

Benefits of Joining Multiple Dating Sites

Find the Right Site for You

Every dating site is a little different. Some are free, some have membership fees because they offer special features like video sharing. Some allow you to message all members, while others only will let you contact women who’ve shown interest. It’s worth exploring many sites to find what suits your personality and needs.

Increase Your Possibilities 

Relying on one site to meet potential hookups or the ts woman of your dreams is a bit foolish. Of course, it works for some, but the truth is that while online dating is efficient, it still can be like finding a needle in a haystack…. More haystacks, more needles! Different sites attract different kinds of women, so why not open yourself up to as many as you can.

Broaden Your Dating Range

Online dating is easier for women than it is for men, but while that’s true, men often aren’t putting the effort in. Join more than one dating site, and create dating profiles that show different sides of yourself to see what more women are attracted to. Also, try dating outside type and stretching your search zone. Sure, it’s nice to be dating someone who lives in your neighbourhood, but that kind of wishful thinking can be very limiting.

Explore Different Fantasies 

If you’re on this blog, you probably have an interest in dating transgender women, or at least hooking up with them. The number one reason men join niche dating sites is so they can narrow in on a specific kind of relationship or fantasy they desire. You can try sites like if you’re looking for kinky women, if group sex is your thing, or if you feel constricted by the confines of monogamy.

What online dating tips can you share?

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