A Surprise Date with Betty

I’d been out on five or six dates with Betty. Each time things had been getting a little bit hotter, and I have to admit I really liked her. She was smart, sexy, and she actually made me burst out laughing sometimes. Spending time with her was a delight.

The only problem was that she seemed incredibly shy about doing the deed with me. We would be lying down on my bed, passionately kissing, my tongue would be on her tongue, and I would be rubbing her breasts, but then things got odd. Every time I reached down to put my hand into her crotch, she would push me back.

“I’m just not ready for that, yet…” she would say.

She had no problem touching me. She would rub my cock through my pants and I would nearly lose my mind. I got so hard when her fingers touched my shaft through the fabric that I nearly came right into my underpants. I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. If I didn’t have her I was going to have a complete meltdown.

It got to the point where I was sitting at home and stroking myself, imagining my cock sliding into her moist pussy. Finally I decided to read her the riot act.

“I’ll give you everything, if you come see me tonight.” She said, “but I hope you won’t be disappointed. I’m not exactly the woman you think I am.”

I went to her place and we had a few drinks and relaxed. “Now it’s time for my secret,” she said. “Close your eyes and hold on a second.” I closed my eyes, my erection nearly bursting through my pants.

“Now open your eyes. This is me.” I opened my eyes, and to my complete shock, there was Betty, as I had imagined her, except with the addition of a thick… quite thick penis between her legs.

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“Are you angry with me?” She asked. I suppose I should have been angry, but despite myself I found that I was getting quite aroused. All I could think about was how much I wanted to kneel down and take that cock into my mouth. I’d never felt this way before, but I decided not to fight it. Penis or not, Betty was the most amazing woman I had ever met.  

I asked her to come sit beside me on the couch, and when she did I took her swelling organ in my hands. It was hard, but at the same time soft. It felt incredibly warm in my hands, like a little mouse I had caught in a field. I bent down and took Betty into my mouth. I couldn’t wait to feel and taste her semen pulsing onto my tongue.

Betty began to unbuckle my pants, too. Soon we were engaged in a hot sixty-nine, and we stayed locked like that even as we ejaculated into each other’s willing mouths. After we just lay there and cuddled forever.

“Betty,” I said, “I love you so much!”

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