Connections between Bisexual and Trans Men

Something interesting has been developing for little ole moi since the Pride Parade. I have an elderly lover who I met years ago at a nude beach. She is a wonderful woman who makes my life better in countless ways.

I’ve written about her on this blog before, but I had no idea she would be part of a new chapter in my life that is teaching me all kinds of new lessons in love, sexuality and identity.

After the Pride Parade, I was walking home and I bumped into her. She said “You have to meet this young lady I know!” She then introduced me to the super cutie of a young woman she was with.  

The next day, I got a text on my phone that went something like “play party on the island… you are requested to be there with your sexy body… this young lady friend of mine likes you.” I was pleasantly surprised and delighted!

So, lo and behold, I go to the play party on the beach… and it gets WILD. The drugs and alcohol were out of control! The food was amazing. The bonfire was hot, the weather was crazy, and the people were in a super sexy mood!

But then… the young lady who was into me made another introduction that altered the entire expectation and trajectory of the relationship scenario I was invited to explore.

She said “Hey it’s nice to have you here… meet my wonderful trans partner!”

I wasn’t told about that, and it flipped the entire scenario in ways I couldn’t ever imagine. First, the trans man was black, and the young lady was white. Second, the trans man was a musician like me. Third, the trans person was into the same drugs as I was. We instantly bonded in ways that weren’t happening as fast with the young lady who invited me to the play party.

This scenario wasn’t something I anticipated, and to navigate the emotional and sexual adjustments in the terrain of intimacy was a new experience for me. I was initially attracted to the sweet young lady, but I didn’t know they had another partner.

It was a bit of a cause for conflict in my psyche, since I wasn’t ready for the sexual switcheroo… and the party was going to go all damn night! I didn’t know what to do, since the dynamic totally changed when the obvious connection between myself and the trans man was introduced into the air.

So what ended up happening? Nothing. Except me receiving some wonderful new friendships!

I went to hang out at the beach a few weeks later, and the trans man was there. We continued to vibe together really strong… and they said something to a passing person that encapsulated one of the most enormous issues of humanity and identity.

“I know some people might think I’m a woman because I have breasts and a vagina, because we’re all socialized to believe the body can only be one way. But it’s not true…”

I just thought: that says it ALL. And I just got more attracted to them! Who knows what will, or can happen from here…

Addi Stewart

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