5 Stereotypes TS Women are Tired Of

There are stereotypes of trans women that you do your best to avoid, but without meaning to you may have internalized some TS stereotypes. Get rid of them!

5 Transgender Stereotypes

1. The Easy Rider

Transgender women are so desperate for love and sex that they’ll fuck anything or anyone—that’s the easy-rider stereotype.

Since no one could possibly be attracted to someone with a non-conforming body, you pat yourself on the back for being the knight in shining armor just because she gives you an erection. Then you expect her to take care of it, because you’re doing her a favor.

On behalf of trans women and all women everywhere, go fuck yourself.

2. The Hot Mess

The tragic tranny. She’s a hot little number and her hormone hell and soap-opera storyboard make her a train wreck and super sexy all at the same time.

Well, dude, your fantasy is the thing that’s fucked up, not my friends.

To those of you who argue that you’ve actually dated this one, have a heart. Yes, many transgender people struggle with depression, suicide, and mental illness. It’s difficult to face the world, your family, and handle all the abuse and discrimination.

I for one see trans women not as hot messes, but as heroic and courageous.

3. The Bitch Diva

Partially perpetuated by drag queen culture, pageantry, performance, and entertainment, the bitch diva is something that many trans women and cis women may even aspire to—like Aretha Franklin, I want to be buried in red stilettos and fur. I also want to be super confident and make men melt and wither.

But it’s a fantasy, not an identity. It might even be a personality trait—some gals are over the top, larger than life, expansive, and fabulous.

Some are mean too, and some aren’t. Women have moments of bitchiness, moments of superlative beauty, and a fair share of ordinary and human. See the full range, please.

4. The Man in a Dress

It’s a simple fact that some transgender women “pass” easier than others. It can be expensive or painful to have all the surgeries required. A woman with a football player’s build won’t become petite and curvy.

It’s very painful to some women to be the butt of jokes or to have physical features you don’t recognize as yourself.

The competition for perfection in circles of ladyboys, hejra, and other transgender women can be brutal—just as cis women are often merciless towards each other about issues like fat, fashion, and aging. Even Caitlyn Jenner, touting her own transformation, mocked other trans women by saying, “If you look like a man in a dress, it makes people uncomfortable.”

Nor can everyone afford the clothes that would best display their inner self.

5. The Professional Activist

My trans friend Monica started out all gung ho about marches, rights, tolerance, and transgender issues. It felt important after she started transitioning to be ultra political and stand up for the kinds of concerns she and her circle were dealing with.

But after awhile, she wanted to focus on other aspects of her life. She was tired of taking on the world while other people went golfing.

Recently, one of her dates rejected her because he felt she should be attending a conference about violence against trans women. She shocked him by saying she was interested in a short film festival happening at the same time and preferred to go to that. He never called again.

Monica concluded that he, like many guys, was into the thrill of front-row politics and got off on oppression politics, something, she said wryly, cis guys know little about firsthand and want a piece of.

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