4 Ways to Build Anticipation before You Meet

Smart men know that a major key to increasing trans women’s sexual pleasure is maximizing her arousal. Anticipation is a big factor in whether a woman will consent to and enjoy a sexual experience.

While trans women definitely desire and enjoy the occasional wham-bam quickie or a fluke fling, they are wired differently than men. Good sex—and just agreeing to have sex—starts long before they get naked.

If you want to maximize your chances that she’ll take off her clothes on your date, and guarantee she’ll enjoy it or even want it desperately, you’ll want to build anticipation before you meet.

4 Ways to Build Anticipate before the Date

1. Pay Attention

I say this over and over because after a sense of humor, it’s probably the most important weapon in your arsenal. A horny woman wants to be noticed, not to be interchangeable. There are a million other bodies with dicks and balls that we could fuck, and trust me, they’re waiting in line.

So notice her and give her the attention she craves. Show that you see her as a human being distinct from the others. Ask about her day, her likes and dislikes. Show your admiration for the work she does or for her sense of style. Let her know you like her. Compliment her on things specific to her. Keep it personal—not “nice tits,” but “I can’t stop thinking about that photo of you in the fuzzy blue sweater.”

2. Reveal Your Excitement and Desire

Women’s arousal levels and sexual interest operate partly in response to yours.

Without being crass or vulgar (“I can’t wait to fuck you” won’t work until she’s given the green light to talk that way, usually after the sexual relationship has started), you want to let her know the anticipation is driving you out of your mind. “I can’t stop thinking about you,” is a good place to start.

3. Don’t Play Games

You might confuse some of this advice for keeping her guessing. After all, a man can go crazy for a woman he had no interest in if she ignores him suddenly, or turns her attention to another male.

Your biology operates in part on sperm competition. Ours doesn’t. Playing games with her emotions and sexuality by not answering your phone, rubbing her face in other dates, or mass-messaging the same stuff to multiple women doesn’t work to turn her on. It will turn her off.

Even if we know that you’re dating many women and what we have is casual, that doesn’t mean it’s impersonal or that you should spend your time bragging about how many hot chicks you want.

4. Get to Know Her

An emotional connection is an important part of even casual sex, for men and women, but it’s even more crucial to women.

Don’t mistakenly assume that emotional automatically means strings and long-term relationships. It just means that we want to fuck guys that we like, that we laugh with, that we can talk to.

If you ever wonder why women often fall for fictional television characters, even ones you don’t see as hot material, it’s because the story line has built a personality for her to connect to emotionally. We know he’s not real, and we know you’re temporary, but that doesn’t mean we’d rather fuck a telephone post or a blow-up hunk.

Talking on the phone before the date and making her laugh are really good investments for your time. If you’re looking for women for regular, recurring hookups, it’s especially important. You don’t want to monopolize her time or get too deep about hopes and dreams and other future markers, but you do want to create a rapport based on your basic humanity. Sex is about two people (or more!) getting it on, not just about objects or bodies.

How do you build anticipation before a date?

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