4 Outdoor Date Ideas for You and a Trans Woman

I’ve had many first dates with men I’ve met on dating sites, and the most memorable ones have been outside. When a woman gets a message from a man on a dating site suggesting they meet for coffee, or even drinks, she lets out a small groan. It’s not only cliché and boring, it’s also a setting where everyone around you knows that you’re on that crucial first date which can makes things awkward.

There are many reasons to plan a date out of doors. A trans women is not going to feel safe inviting you over or going to your place if it’s the first time you’re meeting. And maybe you have roommates that make your place less than inviting, or maybe you live far away, so you need to meet half way. Or maybe there’s a global pandemic and for health reasons it’ safer to meet outside.

Whatever the reason, use your imagination to plan (and we do like a man with a plan) something different. I’ll give you a few suggestions from my experiences that are still burned in my brain or that led to a second date or hookup.

4 Outdoor Date Ideas

1. Picnic in the Park

Here’s a low-key date for a sunny summer afternoon. Did your date mention she loves smoked salmon with cream cheese and capers in her profile? Be sure to pack these in your basket. If you’re not sure about her tastes, you can ask or just bring a wide array of snacks for her to choose from. Add a couple of coolers or a bottle of wine to help break the ice, and don’t forget a big blanket for two. Choose a park that isn’t teeming with people, but offers a little privacy.

2. Let’s Get Physical

If you are both active people, you might enjoy something that gets your bodies moving. This is a great way to take the pressure off because it offers something else for you both to focus on, and you can learn a lot about a person from engaging in physical activities. Try Tai Chi or yoga classes offered in parks, throw around a Frisbee or baseball, or bring Therabands to tie to climbing structures for strength training.

3. Drive-In Movie

Drive-in theaters are making a comeback. Technically you are inside, but most people bring lawn chairs and a blanket to sit under the stars. Pack your favorite snacks, a few drinks, and hit the road. Always check out the movie listings in advance, so you don’t choose a genre she absolutely dislikes. She may prefer horror over romcoms, or sci-fi over dramas. Let her choose, even if it’s not your top pick.

4. Nature Hike

This is a low-fi date and perfect if you’re low on funds. A long walk gives you lots of time to get to know each other, which is what a first date is really all about. Ask her things about her interests, her passions, her work, her pets, her experience of online dating. If she wants to reveal more about her identity as a trans woman or her journey, she will, so don’t feel like you have to bring that up, especially if you plan to keep things casual, sexually.

What’s you most memorable outdoor date? Please share in the comments.

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