3 Signs She’s Dating You for Your Money

The TS community is full of so many fascinating people that it can easy to forget that occasionally you’ll find the same kind of gold diggers who plague the str8 and gay dating community online. Yes, that shemale sure is beautiful. Sure, she may look like the trans woman of your dreams. However, the most beautiful ladyboy isn’t always the one after you take the time to get to know her on a more intimate level. How can you be sure she wants you for the person you are, rather than the number of zeros on your bank statement? These 3 tips should help:

1 – Watch her own spending habits
When you first go out with a gorgeous T-girl, does she offer to split the check at a restaurant? Is she suggesting expensive places to eat or party? Is she already living an extravagant lifestyle? If the new TS love of your life is spending all her time at high end clubs drinking Cristal with no apparent way to pay for it – then there’s a good chance you’re expected to support her lavish lifestyle. TS dating partners who can’t live within their own means, likely can’t stay within your budget either.

2 – Get a good look at where she lives
A lot of dating enthusiasts are looking to bring her back to her place for some no-strings-attached excitement, but there are other good reasons to pick her up from her front door or to take her home after a hot date. Seeing where she lives says a lot about her taste and about the expense of dating in the future. Unemployed transvestites living in apartments that rent for 5K per month are a very expensive hobby to have around! Find a gorgeous transsexual who is able to be gender-fabulous and cost conscious.

3 – Have you met her friends yet?
You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can get a lot of insight by talking to a librarian about it! Meeting the friends of your new TS love interest is a terrific way to find out more about her. What do they tell you? How do they all dress? Where do they shop or live? The social circles your transsexual girlfriend keeps have a lot to do with what she expects to spend and how she plans to have it all paid for – by her own income or yours.

There is a time honored tradition of the masculine partner in a new relationship picking up the tab for dinner and treating their new lady to some excitement. Much of that holds true for TS relationships, however, that’s no reason to let anyone take advantage of you. After all, it’s all about gender equality in the long run.

Any thoughts on the relationship between dating and money you’d like to share? Please leave a comment.

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