Transgender Dating Basics for Men

Do you have a trans attraction? Are you interested in meeting trans women online for hookups or something more serious?

If you’ve never met or had a date with a transgender woman, there are some dating basics you can follow to increase your chances of success.

  1. Think attraction, not fetish. Trans women are sexy, but trans porn has focused on fetishizing men’s attraction with catch phrases like “tranny surprise” and “chicks with dicks.” While you may be someone who’s attraction began by watching trans porn, you should understand that most ts women don’t want to be thought of as anything but a woman. Treat her like a lady.
  2. Get to know her, and her pronouns. What I say to all men who use online dating: read a woman’s profile carefully to glean information that will help you write a first message, plan a first date, and have positive communication. Also be on the look out for red flags, and only contact women who are looking for the same thing as you… for example, casual sex.
  3. Keep her safety and comfortability in mind. I think it’s best if men plan first dates most of the time, but trans women may be more comfortable choosing a setting or activity they already know. You can suggest something, but be flexible about changing plans if she has something else in mind.
  4. Practice discretion and respect her privacy. If you do have a thing for trans women, and you behave badly, your name will be mud in the trans community. This would really hurt your chances of finding ts women who would want to date you. Women talk… all women! In the same vein, when you’re on a date, don’t ask too many questions around her trans identity or transitioning. She will talk about those things in her own time.

What are other dating tips can you share?

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