Manscaping for Trans Women

Whether you want long-term romance or just a one-night stand, you have to put your best self forward. You might think you’re the coolest catch or hottest lay, but that’s not going to matter if your manscaping isn’t up to snuff.

What is Manscaping?

Manscaping refers to men’s grooming habits and techniques, mostly to do with hair. This might include shaving, cutting, trimming, waxing, or lasering. Where and how you manscape is up to you. Everyone’s got their way. And you don’t have to spend a fortune (at least most of you don’t) on grooming or exorbitant amounts of time. But you do need to pay some attention to what’s growing on your body and how others (beautiful trans women) might feel about it. It can make the difference when a woman is deciding whether or not to turn a first date into a hookup.

Basic Grooming Tips

Keep it tidy and clean. This doesn’t mean you can’t go for that scruffy look so many women like, just make sure your mop is clean and your mountain-man beard is trimmed. If hair is suddenly growing where it didn’t before (and this does happen!) take note and remove if unsavoury, which it usually is. What needs to be done is often obvious, but I’ve been on first dates with men who have hair growing out of their nose. Guess what? No second date.

Prioritize for Her

Some men think about getting around to manscaping but never do. Unless you’re working 24/7 there’s always time to groom. I had a friends-with-benefits arrangement with a hottie who knew how to turn my dial… there was just one thing. He had what appeared to be giant clumps of dirt growing on each shoulder. He claimed to hate these hairy patches, but said he didn’t have money for waxing. When I realized he spent all his money on drinking, it was bye bye baby.

Be Flexible to Her Preferences

You may prefer to be clean shaven, but if the new lady in your life says she’d love to see you with a beard – do it! Unless you could lose your job over it, in which case, you shouldn’t be at, what’s the harm in indulging your new gal. Maybe she wants it clean as a whistle down south. If it means more blow jobs – do it! Women spend a lot of time primping and preening for men, a little in return never hurts.

So there you have it, a woman’s opinion on manscaping: keep it tidy, make the effort, and be flexible to your lady’s preferences.

Any tips you want to add, leave a comment below.

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