How to Be Attractive to Transgender Women

Every man wonders what women look for, but every woman has unique needs and tastes, and every man is potentially attractive.

Some trans women are attracted to rugged masculinity and rippling biceps. Some like pretty boys. Some are most attracted to internal qualities or specific skills. But there are ways you can cultivate key aspects of your looks and personality to improve your chances.

How to Be Attractive to Transgender Women

Treat Her Like a Woman

A lot of people treat transgender folks as if they don’t exist at all. And many more treat trans women as if they are men, children, mentally ill, or sex objects.

Set yourself above most, whatever your physical appearance and status in life, and treat transgender women like women. I promise you this is the number one thing trans women want from people and from the men they date.

Refer to her by the pronoun of her choice (she/her may not be her preference.) Treat her with respect and consideration. Listen to her carefully and take her seriously. Pay attention to her. Don’t belittle her interests and needs. Look at her the way you look at any woman, and let her know you notice her hair, clothes, color choices, new shoes, and perfume.

Relax and Accept Yourself

No one wants to be around someone who is uptight, jealous, critical, rigid, or self-obsessed.

Far more important than you being a nine is you accepting yourself as you are.

This doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement or that you should stop working out or working through your issues. It means you know you’re human and don’t have unrealistic expectations of yourself or others.

Women are attracted to men who have a good idea of their shortcomings, as well as their strengths.

Dress to Impress with Your Own Style

Get a trusted female friend to help you with your wardrobe and appearance, but don’t try to be someone else. Some guys have a great sense of style or natural good looks, but more of you can’t really tell what looks good on you. A close friend can give you some honest pointers on what to wear on a date or how to update your haircut.

Just don’t go overboard. If you’re the professor type and have always worn an old jacket and jeans, you’ll look ridiculous in hip-hop couture. If you’re used to slick merino threads and pricey aftershave, you don’t want to start dressing like a gym bunny.

The key is to be yourself, polished up a bit to emphasize your best and weed out your worst.

Have a Sense of Humor

Oh no, not the dreaded sense of humor! Funny guys know how well this works—women love guys with a sense of humor. If you’re average in the looks department but funny, you’ve never lacked for girls.

This isn’t all that funny for guys who don’t naturally have it. It’s hard to learn to be funny and harder to fake it. Don’t stress too much, just practice the above tip—relax and accept who you are. Try to be more down to earth and easygoing. Try to see the bright or funny side in others and in awkward dating situations.

You don’t have to crack jokes constantly if it’s not natural to you. But you can appreciate life’s little foibles more, and you can have more fun. Women are attracted to men who are easy to be around.

What works for you to attract women? Please share in the comments!

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