Dressing Up and Changing Gender: The Parts

You may like to dress up from time to time as the opposite gender, something typically called cross-dressing and while in some cases it is a precursor to gender reassignment, for many other couples it’s just a form of intricate role play. Many people only go as far as the clothes, but there are many other steps you can take in your gender-bending endeavors, right down to the genitals.

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For men who want to look like a woman, there are vaginal prostheses that can be worn much like a G-string over your cock. Some have realistic functions like a cavity for another cock to enter, and some even have a sheath for the penis so that men can urinate like a woman. They even have fake latex vaginas that appear “virginal” and once the seal is broken… you can paint a new one on again. “My boyfriend loves to fuck my ‘pussy,’ says Ian, a polyamorous gay sub on Gay BDSM Date. It’s a great toy and we have so much fun with it. It doesn’t look totally realistic, but it’s a sexy toy for role playing.”

For women who want to look like a guy, there are what are called “packer cocks.” These are fake dicks that a girl can shove inside of her underwear to give it a sexy bulge and make others wonder! Sometimes women will use a pair of socks, but using a packing dildo gives a much more realistic effect. In order to get full functionality, there are plenty of strapon options for women, and even strapon dating sites where you can meet these adventurous women.

Women and men can also take measures to enhance or decrease their bust. Women can wear what is called a binder to strap their breasts tightly to their chest to appear more masculine. Some websites for female-to-male cross dressers even have full-body binders to hide the curves of the ass and hips. For men, it may be a little easier to get a pair of boobs for dress-up play. They can simply wear a padded bra or a special bra with a pocket and use what is called a breast form made of silicone.

Testing your boundaries and exploring your sexuality from all angles is an important part of discovering the true you and helping your lovers to find the right way to please you.

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