Cool Trans Date Ideas for Autumn

If you’re like me, you are happy the autumn equinox has arrived, bringing cooler weather and gorgeous scenery. Like many women I know I like to celebrate the changing of the seasons in as many ways as possible.

When you plan your next date with a beautiful trans woman, keep these ideas in mind.

Cool Date Ideas for Fall

Leafer Trip

I only heard the term “leafers” recently which refers to people who drive to wooded areas in fall to enjoy the changing colors of foliage. It may sound corny, but being surrounded by natural beauty can turn a woman on. And if you live in the city, it’s always a nice break to get out of it.

Hay Bale Ride 

Even if you reside in a big city, these can often be found not so far away, on a rural farm. Who doesn’t like daytripping with a sexy lady? This kind of date sure beats sitting in a coffee shop or a bar for drinks, trying to ask questions that sound like an interview.

Amusement Park

With the kids back in school, you can usually avoid long lines for rides at big-ticket parks. If rides aren’t your thing, search online for local fairs. Small county fairs will bring you back in time to when everything was simpler, including dating.

Haunted House

If rides aren’t enough of a thrill, find a Halloween-themed event to give you and your date a scare. Only plan this if you know she enjoys this sort of thing because you don’t want to ruin what might have been before it begins.

Back-to-School Workshop

Pick an interest you have in common, and search high and low for a one-day event you can do together. Maybe it’s a salsa class at the bar downtown, a rock climbing introduction at the Y, or a wine-tasting workshop at a vineyard.

What’s a memorable date you can share that will inspire others?

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