9 Sexting Tips for TS Dating

Sexting  is a great way to connect when you and your trans woman aren’t together physically. I have to say, the first time a man sent me a sexy text I was a little taken aback, but that was years ago. Now, it’s a skill that I’ve become rather fond of, both in myself and lovers. It’s a fun way to spice things up, build anticipation before your hookup, or to reveal your secret fantasies.

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Because most people text, rather than actually talk on the telephone these days, this form of flirting is easier for the shy or anxious man who might get a little tongue-tied around his new gal. It can also help keep the fires burning between long-distance lovers.

9 Sexting Tips for Men

1. Be subtle… at least to begin. Don’t talk about licking her pussy before you’ve even met. After all, your trans lady may not have one!

2. No dick pics. This is a real turn-off for most women, but for some reason men keep sending these.

3. Ask what she’s wearing. This is the classic sexting opener and will let a t-girl use her imagination to get your motor running.

4. Touch yourself while texting. Who said you need live conversation or video to have phone sex. Mutual masturbation is so hot, especially if you climax at the same time.

5. Share a fantasy. This might be something you’ve only dreamed of doing, or something particular to her.

6. Tell her if it’s your first time… with a trans woman. This may invite her letting you know what to expect and what makes her special.

7. Ask about her toy collection. Most women have a few favorites they don’t mind sharing with a hot hookup.

8. Have you ever… ? Turn your sexting conversation into a fishing expedition to learn a little more about your gal’s kinks and desires.

9. Respond quickly. Never leave a lady hanging. The secret to a good sexting session is a back-and-forth dialogue. If you’re going to start something, make sure you’re alone and have the time to explore…

Guys: What’s your go-to sexy text that works wonders on the women?

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