5 Tips to Improve Your Online Dating Game

Like anything else, online dating takes time and effort to be successful. And one man’s idea of success may not necessarily be the next man’s. You might be happy to have one hookup a month, while the next guy needs two dates a week to keep him satisfied.

Whether you’re playing the short-term online dating game, or the long one, it’s important to put your best profile forward. Even if women haven’t met you yet, they can tell a lot about you through your profile and the messages you send.

No one expects you to be the Casanova of online dating if you’re new to it either. It takes time to learn through practice, and mistakes, god knows I’ve made a few!

5 Tips to Improve Your Online Dating Game

1. Join multiple dating sites. This method not only casts a wider net, but it also can benefit daters who are looking for niche relationships such as transgender hookups or polyamory playmates. Many mainstream sites are free, but niche sites that do have membership fees attract more specific groups.

2. Know what you want. There’s no point joining a site and contacting women if you’re just bored. You might think that’s fun and good, but I guarantee women will not be amused. It’s okay to just want casual one-nighters, just make sure you state that in your profile.

3. Put real effort into writing a profile. If you have no idea what you’re doing, ask a friend with online dating experience or browse other men’s profiles to see what the gold standard is. You are probably excited (and maybe even horny) to meet women, but that initial time you put into creating a winning profile is soooo worth it in the long run.

4. Choose attractive pics. Please, guys, no more bathroom selfies… or selfies in general. Women want to see your face and smile, so use one close-up and a few others showing you in your favorite places or engaging in your fave activities. And remember: no pics, no pleasure.

5. Write unique messages to women. Too many guys just go online, create half-assed profiles, and send shitty first messages like, “Hey, how’s it going?” Sorry, but this describes the majority of men I’ve run into online. Read a woman’s profile after you go ga ga for her photos, then write a personal message that touches on what you’ve read, not her hot booty.

These tips may seem obvious to some of you, but there are too many guys out there who don’t understand why they aren’t having any luck meeting women on dating sites.

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