3 Do’s for Talking with Your Trans Date

In today’s digital age, we sometimes forget the common courtesy that’s expected when you’re talking with someone new. Slang sometimes gets worked into our discussions and correspondence, and occasionally our writing may be less than formal.

When talking to someone new online on a site like TSMeet.com, you might often forget these rules, especially because the between online, IRL, and written communication are sometimes blurred.

Here are three tips for chatting with sexy transgender babes online…

1. DO ask get-to-know-you questions that build. When you first meet a new person, talk about relatively neutral topics at first. And as you get to know someone, the questions and topics will deepen, become more intimate. Getting to know hot TS women online is a process like anything else. Ask kind, appropriate questions that build. First you will be asking about her day job, eventually you will be asking about her kinky sex fantasies.

2. DO ask about someone’s preferred attribution. Does your new friend prefer gender neutral pronouns? Traditional “she” and “her”? Does your new friend want you to talk about her hot transgender woman power? You will never know for sure unless you ask, so ask (politely).

3. DO share things about you. Every woman wants to know more about who they’re talking to, so share some things about yourself. Make sure to be truthful and share information that corresponds with where you and your sexy transgender date are in the getting-to-know-you process.

Do you have other tips? Let us know!

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